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The WoKE BRAND focuses on bringing a diverse cultural perspective and closing the gaps on many unspoken topics. The Woke Brand has expanded beyond apparel and now includes eclectic dope artistic showcasings and events. Our mission is to show the world diversity, love and peace through poetry,clothing and events. If you are rocking the #WoKEBRAND know that it represents a conscious state of being! Awareness in any lane, language or country. To share love and peace is ONENESS (non duality). TO BE because all you have is now. Join me in the present time. The #WoKEBRAND is the crossover stage to consciously making sound judgment as a being to enlighten and embrace. (W) Wake Up and view life through different lense. The triangle symbolizes viewing life through the 3rd eye. (O) Be/Stay Open & Optimistic. It's the lowercase lettermost overlooked but the most important that's why its underlined. (K) Keep Konnected. The "k" is a broken letter to symbolize we as people being broken. So many things divide us. Thus segregating and forming man made boundaries withing God's creation. (E) The double "e" stands for everyone everywhere!

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